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Swagelok Ireland

Your Authorised Swagelok Sales and Service Centre

From Front-end Processing to Back-end Sampling

Fluid system components, designed to optimise analyser performance for the Chemical and Petrochemical Industries

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From Upstream Exploration to Downstream Refining

Swagelok helps you minimise challenges and maximise performance for oil and gas industry applications

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Connect, Convey, Control, and Customize

Swagelok helps you connect, convey, control, and customise the right power industry solution.

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Maximum Cleanliness. No Contamination.

Go from source to exhaust with maximum cleanliness and no contamination

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Swagelok Industries

Astronaut 700x350


Swagelok Ireland Serve the Aerospace Industry

Biopharmaceutical and Pharmaceutical Industry

Swagelok Ireland provide a comprehensive services and solutions to the Biopharmaceutical and Pharmaceutical Industry

Chemical and Petrochemical

Find out more about Swagelok Ireland's process instrumentation and analytical instrumentation capabilities

Tubing, assembly

Food and Beverage

Swagelok Ireland supply a full range of components to the Food and Beverage industy


Oil & Gas Industry Solutions

Exploration, Production and Refining, Swagelok Ireland has many ways to assist


Power Industry Solutions

Giving the highest level of quality, reliability and performance, Swagelok Ireland can meet your needs

Research and Development

Find our how Swagelok Ireland can help in the field of Research and Development

Semiconductor Industry

Swagelok Ireland can help meet your Semiconductor manufacturing challenges, find out more

Tube Fittings

Shipbuilding - Manufacturing and Repair

Swagelok Ireland provide products and solutions to meet the challenges of shipbuilding, manufacture and repair