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Seal Fundamentals Event

Seal Fundamentals

Swagelok Scotland, Teesside and Ireland are hosting Marcy McQuary, Swagelok's leading Polymer Scientist and Principal Engineer for a series of Seal Fundamentals seminars across the UK.

This seminar is ideal for Design, Project and Maintenance Engineers and Technicians who are tasked with safely selecting the correct products and seals for their applications, or are actively involved with seeking alternative materials to enhance systems. It is also suited to anyone wishing to gain a greater understanding of Seal Fundamentals.

Seal Fundamentals Event Details


  • How to Correctly Specify Elastomer Seals

  • Basic Fundamentals
    - Elastomer Materials
    - FKM: Property Difference Between Dipolymer and Terpolymer
    - NBR: Property Difference with varying ACN/BD Ratios
    - EPR: Property Difference with Peroxide Cured Components
    - FFKM: Manufacturer's Speciality Compounds

  • How to use Chemical Resistance Guides

  • Seals Failure Analysis Basics (Thermal vs Chemical)

  • Commonly Misunderstood Topics
    - Rapid Gas Decompression  
    - Ratings for Valves with FFKM Seals

Register your interest for your preferred date and location before Friday 17th May 2019.

Please note, there are limited spaces available.

Monday 3rd June
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Tuesday 4th June
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Wednesday 5th June
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Please provide your name, job role, company and contact number when registering your interest.


About Marcy McQuary

Marcy McQuary, Swagelok Principal Product Engineer, joined Swagelok in 1998. Marcy has abroad depth of knowledge regarding Swagelok products and processes and holds a Master of Polymer Science degree from the University of Akron and a BS in Chemical Engineering from Youngstown State University. Marcy is a subject matter expert on elastomer seals and a key resource for selecting and specifying seals in Swagelok products.